Heat Transfer Embroidery

Perhaps years ago you bought a design at a county fair or a local store that you could iron onto a T-shirt. Those were known as iron-ons for home applications.
But that’s not our definition of heat transfer embroidery.

At DesignByLynette.com, we have the ability to create beautiful and professional-looking heat transfer designs in addition to our embroidery services.

Heat Transfer Supplies and Technology

Specialty inks, papers, materials, and industrial heat transfer press technologies are what we use to help us achieve top quality results for your heat transfer items. Our quality is so top notch that you might even think we created the design through the use of a screenprinting process.

We use extremely high heat and just the right amount of pressure to bond the inks to the fabric. Our heat transfer process never involves just applying the design to the top of the fabric.

Advantage of Heat Transfer Methods versus Screenprinting

The biggest advantage of using heat transfer is the cost. Financially you save money, especially when you want to order six or fewer items. However, for those times when you want to order a large quantity of items with your personalized design (say, for example, 100 T-shirts for your family’s reunion picnic), then screenprinting would be a more cost effective way to go.

Do You Want A Large or Small Design Transferred?

Heat transfer is perfect for those designs that are relatively small in size and quantity. Likewise, screenprinting is better suited for larger designs and for print runs that exceed 100 pieces.

Both processes can create beautiful images on your garments or fabrics. It’s just a matter of how many items you want processed. Heat transfers are priced by number of colors and size.

To discuss your heat transfer design ideas with us, just call or send us a message. We’re always happy to talk with you about heat transfer and the most cost effective way for you to get beautiful images onto your garments and fabrics.